To all the Mom's of young children, this program is designed for you! 

Let's uncover & honor your motherhood journey. 

Imagine creating a personal sanctuary that you can return to over and over again

This isn't just a one-time retreat

Within our time together you'll learn more about yourself and your needs. We'll make a roadmap for your wellness now and in the future.

Especially needed if you've been feeling...

We'll banish that feeling of overwhelm as we carve out time and spaciousness through the activities in our retreat
After becoming a mother it is easy to feel like you've lost yourself. We create an experience that is custom to you.
You'll soon learn through our retreat that an investment in yourself is an investment in your family's well being

Our promise is you will receive

We put the treat in retreat

  • Clarity

  • A return to yourself

  • A renewed capacity to give to those you love

The retreat includes

videos | handouts | wellness planning

  • 01
    Introduction & Schedule
    Show Content
    • About the Retreat
    • Identifying your shifting identity
    • Agenda
  • 02
    Preparing for your Retreat
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    • PRINTOUT: Motherhood Mini Retreat Instructions
    • WATCH: Prepare for your Retreat Video
    • WATCH: How to Start
    • WATCH: Closing Your Retreat Ideas
    • PRINTOUT: Initial Motherhood Mini Retreat Plan
    • PRINTOUT:For Future Motherhood Mini Retreats
    • EXAMPLE: Motherhood Mini Retreat Completed Worksheet
    • RESOURCES for Yoga & Meditation
  • 03
    On the Evening
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    • PRINTOUT: Life Balance Worksheet
    • PRINTOUT: Self Care & Self Nurture Worksheet
    • PRINTOUT: Dream Journal
    • PRINTOUT: Basic Self Care Needs
    • WATCH: Life Balance Video Tutorial
    • WATCH: How to complete your self care worksheet
    • WATCH: How to complete your Dream Journal Worksheet
  • 04
    Make this a thing!
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    • Schedule Your Future Retreats
  • About Me

    As one of Utah’s leading experts in Perinatal and Reproductive Mental Health, I am passionate about helping you navigate your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum challenges in order for you to discover and become your best self. I have trained with some of the best clinicians and programs in this field and I passionately pursue continuous education and growth. My areas of expertise are in working with perinatal mood or anxiety disorders, infertility, grief and loss, alternative family building, 3rd party reproduction, sexual challenges, reproductive trauma, general anxiety, and life transitions.

    Monica Ashton

    Director of Maternal Mental Health / Psychotherapist

    Monica Ashton

"You don't realize how much you need a retreat until you go into retreat mode"

An Investment in you that pays out for your whole family