Is your life on hold?
Are you are feeling like you are in limbo?

You are not alone!

We have a guide to help you thrive during your wait.

My dream for you and your family

  • Guide by your Side video series.

    Monica has a wonderful way to break down the complex into simple ways to support yourself and thrive during this time.

  • Plan with your partner & family

    We provide a full Fertility Plan for the whole family involved so you have the support you need.

  • Plus, Your Personalized Self Care Plan

    Looking after yourself and knowing what you need to feel whole during this time is easy with our checklists and guides

  • Your Host for
    Coping with Infertility


    As one of Utah’s leading experts in Perinatal and Reproductive Mental Health, I am passionate about helping you navigate your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum challenges in order for you to discover and become your best self. I have trained with some of the best clinicians and programs in this field and I passionately pursue continuous education and growth. My areas of expertise are in working with perinatal mood or anxiety disorders, infertility, grief and loss, alternative family building, 3rd party reproduction, sexual challenges, reproductive trauma, general anxiety, and life transitions.

    Monica Ashton

    Director of Maternal Mental Health / Psychotherapist

    Monica Ashton

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Coping with Infertility Introduction
    • Infertility Support Self-Care Checklist
    • A Couple's Fertility Game Plan
    • Self Nurture Challenge
    • Journal Writing Prompts
  • 02
    Video 1
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    • Part 1
  • 03
    Video 2
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    • Part 2
  • 04
    Video 3
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    • Part 3
  • 05
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    • Conclusion Message from Monica

Your Infertility Support Self Care Checklist
With guidance & support for your body, mind & spirit

Available in "Coping with Infertility"

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If you're feeling alone or out at sea with the process
Decide right now that you are worth getting as much help as you can.

Be at peace. Support yourself. Live your life. Embrace the Journey.

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