Become confident with difficult conversations about online sexual imagery and help your child navigate and thrive through your connected conversations

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  • Become the Expert in your home

    Help your child feel comfortable bringing up difficult and confusing topics

  • Is this normal?

    Learn how to work your values into your conversations and decide as a family how to cope

  • Gain confidence as a parent in the digital age

    We even question our own parenting and whether we are responsible

This video course will take you through how to discuss these topics in a way that benefits you and your child

Braxton walks you through the reasons and the best response you can have as a parent to set your child up for healthy habits going forward

What's Included

  • 01
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    • Introduction: What to Expect
    • Worksheets
  • 02
    Gaining Confidence with Difficult Conversations
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    • Imposter Syndrome
  • 03
    What is Pornography
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    • What is Pornography
  • 04
    Why Kids Look
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    • The 3C's of Why Kids Look
  • 05
    What Parents Need to Know
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    • What Parents Need to Know
  • 06
    Pitfalls, Takeaways, Questions & Resources
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    • Pitfalls, Takeaways, Question & Resources
    • Next Steps & Resources
  • More about your instructor

    I work with motivated couples and individuals who are looking to take control of their sexual experiences, communication skills, and diversify their approach to life’s problems. Whether you are here because you are experiencing the same argument time after time, you want to be a better version of yourself, or you are struggling with pornography use, I can help. I am a Certified Mind-Body Bridging therapist, trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples having over 300 hours of post-graduate sex therapy training and being certified as a 4-D therapist.

    Braxton Dutson


    Braxton Dutson

Kind Words

From participants in a live version of this course

  • Kari S

    You are fantastic! What a great way to discuss this with your children!
    Thank you for creating a healthy and safe environment, to love ❤️ your child! You are great!!!

  • Asia D

    It's good to realize that you can go back and have conversations with your kids about how you approached the situations.

  • Rob B

    Great job Braxton Dutson!
    I'm impressed and happy about your expertise!

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