Do you remember your own experience of learning about sex?

Create a new paradigm for your kids

Let's bring comfort & ease around these conversations.
In this course bundle we will...

My dream for you and your family

  • Craft a vision of what healthy sexuality means

    Together we will create a personal vision & hope for your kids long term when it comes to sexual health

  • Become the confident
    sex expert in your home

    We will learn the many ways we can create a safe place at home to facilitate conversations about sex

  • Help you recognize everyday teachable moments

    We will practice seeing the naturally occurring teachable moments, create our own teachable moments and build the confidence that we will know what to say at the right time with ease.

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Three of our most popular courses.

  • Your Host for Yes! You can talk to your kids about sex


    Kristin Hodson is Founder and Executive Director of The Healing Group and co-author of the newly published book Real Intimacy: A Couples Guide for Genuine. Healthy Sexuality. She contributed to Women’s Day Magazine. The Deseret News, has been a regular contributor on the Radio From Hell show on X-96 taking live calls on sex and intimacy.has appeared on KSL’s Studio 5 and has been a monthly guest on KUTV 2 morning news.She Practices as psychotherapist with a passion helping women find their authentic self by working through areas where they feel stuck. She believes in empowering women to own and take charge of their growth and healing. She does this by working besides them in a collaborative and professional way offering reflective insight, experience and expertise.Clients often say they feel supported and safe to express and explore thoughts, emotions and vulnerabilities – bringing about new understanding. fulfilling changes and personal joy. She is a mother and wife and lives life passionately out loud.

    Kristin Hodson

    Founder & Executive Director

    Kristin Hodson

Kind Words from Parents

We hope you love our courses as much as our previous participants

“Great message and insight into approaching the topic. I enjoyed learning the formula and tools as they helped me recognize the importance of the "why" component and to be cognizant of how that could affect the conversations. This course definitely eased a lot of anxiety about "the talk" because I realize now that there is so much more to talk about than "having sex" and it can be ongoing and doesn't need to be awkward. Thank you!”

Kids ages 2 & 6

Katie Barth

“Great content, excellent presentation. Made things feel more approachable, liked that you shared additional resources ( books, movies, etc.) Love the workbook and that you will be emailing slides. I feel like I want more! But what we covered gave great information, motivation and ideas. I also have been LOVING your Instagram page. THANK YOU for educating and normalizing sex and sexuality!”

Kids aged 6, 8, & 10

Janelle Olsen

“This class had great information that was presented in an easy way to understand. Thank you for being willing to answer questions and not make us feel dumb. I wish it could be longer! The workbook is really helpful and I'm glad to have something to take home and keep having this conversation with my family.”

Kids ages 7mo

Rose McKean

“Kristin makes an uncomfortable topic completely natural and normal. I highly recommend her parenting class to gain the knowledge & confidence to talk sex-health w/ your kids.”

Kids ages 9, 12 & 15

Peter McMullen

“I loved this class! I've had quite a bit of training on sexual health in adults so it was helpful to break up sexuality through our children's lifespan. So much good information helping to empower parents on a hard topic!”

Kids aged 3 & 6

Jenna Norwood

“Loved this class and the confidence it brought to my "sex ed". I feel more inspired and prepared to raise my daughters with a positive and healthy mindset towards sex.”

Kids aged 6, 8, 11

Shawna Wilson

25 Page Workbook & Guide Included
With guidance & advice appropriate for each age group

Available in "Yes! You can talk to your kids about sex"

Our bundle also includes both Braxton Dutson's video series about Parenting, Pornography & Your kids

Don't Wait! You can be prepared by watching our video series

  • Your Host for our Video Series

    I work with motivated couples and individuals who are looking to take control of their sexual experiences, communication skills, and diversify their approach to life’s problems. Whether you are here because you are experiencing the same argument time after time, you want to be a better version of yourself, or you are struggling with pornography use, I can help. I am a Certified Mind-Body Bridging therapist, trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples having over 300 hours of post-graduate sex therapy training and being certified as a 4-D therapist.

    Braxton Dutson


    Braxton Dutson

Our video series answers the hard questions

We have so many mixed emotions

  • Is there a reason for this?

    We might panic at the discovery of our children looking at sexual imagery online

  • Is this normal?

    We ask ourselves BIG questions about ourselves and our children in the initial panic

  • Did I do something wrong as a parent?

    We even question our own parenting and whether we are responsible

Kind Words

From participants in a live version of this course

  • Kari S

    You are fantastic! What a great way to discuss this with your children!
    Thank you for creating a healthy and safe environment, to love ❤️ your child! You are great!!!

  • Asia D

    It's good to realize that you can go back and have conversations with your kids about how you approached the situations.

  • Rob B

    Great job Braxton Dutson!
    I'm impressed and happy about your expertise!

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Three of our most popular courses

For a Lifetime of Healthy Conversations

Who is their teacher for sexual health?
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Be their teacher. Be their support. Be their guide. Just be there.

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